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KITEC Plumbing
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Avoid paying thousands in damage costs caused by KITEC pipes. Our experienced pros will remove and replace your pipes with reliable material.


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Removing and replacing KITEC pipes throughout a home is a process that only professionals can do. The job includes mapping out pipes, cutting open walls, ripping out the old KITEC pipes and replacing every last inch with proper, proven and reliable materials. 

If you have KITEC pipes in your home, we strongly recommend removing and replacing the pipes before it becomes a larger issue.

KITEC history & problems

You might be wondering what is KITEC plumbing? KITEC was the “go-to” pipe used in plumbing and heating installations between 1995 and 2007. The pipe was marketed as a cost-effective alternative to copper pipe that was also easier to install. As a result, the KITEC trend quickly gained rapid popularity. However, it wasn’t long after when problems with KITEC plumbing started to occur. 

Homeowners across Canada and the U.S. began to report problems with KITEC pipes, including rapid erosion of the aluminum layer of the pipes and the brass fittings. The plastic and aluminum layers also expanded and contracted with temperature changes, weakening over time until the pipe burst.

Results of KITEC Plumbing

These defective pipes caused millions of dollars in damage in a short period of time. Not only did people have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to have their pipes replaced, but many were also left with extensive water damage.

In 2005, KITEC plumbing was recalled across North America. Unfortunately, some plumbers and contractors continued to install KITEC plumbing for years afterward, so there are homes built as recently as 2007 which contain KITEC.

Homeowners and contractors are now proactive in removing KITEC plumbing before it fails, as it’s a flood just waiting to happen. 

We highly recommend replacing your KITEC pipes before they erode and leak, as this results in much higher repair costs and still requires replacing the pipes with more reliable alternatives.

We make the KITEC remediation
process simple and stress-free


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