Which Oakville Neighbourhoods Have Kitec Plumbing?

There are numerous Oakville neighbourhoods that were built using the now-infamous Kitec piping. At the time, Kitec was seen as a cheaper alternative to traditional copper pipe, was easy to work with, and seemed to work just as well.

Oakville neighbourhoods with Kitec plumbing:

  • Lakeshore Woods
  • Joshua Creek
  • Westmount
  • Specific buildings such as 1400-1490 Bishops Gate (Abbey Oaks Condominiums)
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These areas of Oakville are known to have Kitec plumbing installed, and it is our professional recommendation that you have it replaced immediately. While it may not seem like an immediate problem, when it is apparent there has been a leak from burst pipes or eroding fittings, the water damage has been done.
Kitec Plumbing with its distinct red and blue casings
How to Fix Kitec Plumbing

Replacing Kitec piping throughout a home is a process that can only really be done by professionals. The job includes mapping out the pipes, cutting open walls to gain access, ripping out the old Kitec piping, and replacing every last inch with proper, proven, and reliable materials.

The good news is that once your Kitec replacement process is complete, you won’t see any trace of the work done. We bring in professional drywallers and painters to bring your home back to the way it was before replacing your Kitec plumbing.

How Do I Know If my Home has Kitec Plumbing?

You can identify Kitec pipes by their bright orange, bright red, or blue casings. In some instances they also have orange casings. The best way to find if your home has Kitec plumbing is to go to your hot water tank and check the pipes coming to and from it. You can also try looking under your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

If you do have Kitec pipes, and they are bulging on the hot water line close to the hot water tank, the time to have them replaced is now. Don’t wait until you have an emergency to deal with this issue.

How much does Kitec Plumbing Cost to Replace?

Depending on the size of home, and the extent to which Kitec piping was used, the cost can vary. This is why we at ProResults provide a FREE on-site consultation to not only provide a detailed quote but answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Does Insurance Cover Kitec Plumbing Replacement?

Kitec plumbing may be problematic in obtaining adequate insurance in our experience. We encourage you to reach out to your home insurance provider for further information.

Why choose ProResults Plumbing for your Kitec Replacement?

ProResults Plumbing has extensive experience replacing Kitec plumbing on hundreds of homes throughout Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas, and guarantee it will be professionally replaced. We are fully licensed and insured and abide by all City and Town by-laws to ensure we obtain the mandated permits when required. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns as we are always eager to educate and happy to help.