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Q. Do you offer plumbing services where I live?

A. We service the Greater Toronto Area, and surrounding areas – you can view our service area map here.
Service areas: Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, Mississauga, West Toronto

Q. How much will my plumbing work cost?
A. Every plumbing issue can be very different and may differ depending on the type of home and location. We will have to investigate the situation before we can provide a thorough estimate. Sometimes we can provide different options such as repairing a fixture or replacing. Please be rest assured that we are always available to discuss your estimates and answer any questions or concerns so you can make a fully informed decision.
Q. What are your hours, and do you offer emergency plumbing service?
A. We are open for service Monday to Friday during daytime business hours and provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services if needed. Please be aware that there is an additional fee for after hours service calls. We are always equipped and eager to help!


Get quick plumbing tips, reminders, hacks, and more from Oakville’s premier plumbing company. Make sure to check back often for more, as we’ll be adding to this collection often!


Be careful of what you flush down the toilet

Every so often homeowners flush something they should not, materials that were not designed to disintegrate as well as toilet paper. This could lead to consequences including a mess or having to call a plumber to assist. Even if the flush of the unwanted material does not immediately overflow, it may be harming your home's pipes in the process and contributing to an even larger problem in the local sewer system. You can avoid the inconvenience and damage by making sure you never flush these materials including but not limited to paper towels, wipes, disposable diapers, cooking oil, cotton swabs, kitten litter, and more.


Don’t wait too long to call the PROS in Plumbing

If you call ProResults Plumbing right when you first notice a plumbing issue such as a leaky faucet you’ll likely only need a simple, small repair, but if you wait too long, the leak may worsen and cause more damage leading to more costly repairs such as flooring, ceiling damage and more. Keep our number handy: 905-336-8706 as you never know when you will need us.


Limited bathroom space

There is no need to fret if your bathroom space is too small to fit your needs as you may have more options than you are aware of. There are plenty of stylish, space saving options such as wall hung toilets and vanity’s as well as compact models to maximize your bathroom space. Don’t be shy to ask us for our go-to plumbing supplier as they’d be happy to assist you with your bathroom renovation.

Photo of Frozen Faucet in Oakville

Insulate your pipes to prepare for cold winter months

Protect your pipes from freezing with insulation tubes that you can buy from your local hardware store. It is a simple and cost-effective form of protection. You will want to pay attention to pipes that have frozen in the past, located in unheated areas or been recently repaired.

Photo of Frozen Faucet in Oakville

Locate the main water shutoff valve in your home

If you don't know where your main water shutoff valve is, stop what you're doing and go find it! If you have a water emergency, it is crucial to turn off the water supply immediately. Running water can cause extensive damage and can occur rapidly.


Check your washing machine hoses for signs of wear and tear

A common problem we encounter is the failure of hoses connecting the washing machine. The connection hoses may be old and worn, and if not observed frequently, may be split and leaking.


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